tsWebEditor 2.2

tsWebEditor is a text/php/html editor. It displays the source code colored, code hint for functions,
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tsWebEditor is a powerful php editor and html editor which you can also use as a simple text editor. It displays the source code colored (syntax highlight), code hint for functions, code completion (php, javascript, html), code browser, php debugger, syntax and error check, help, css assistant, html tag editor, html syntax checker, ...

Short Feature List
* syntax highlighter for many languages (20+) and customize syntax highlighter
* code completion
* php debugger
* code hint for functions (also called quickinfo/parameter hint)
* columns and row highlight
* code browser
* ftp edit - edit files directly on a ftp server
* html, xml, php syntax check
* included help for php, html, mysql
* sql desinger

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